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vineri, 31 iulie 2009

Lumea fetelor

O lume magica,plina de vise si aventuri.O lume misterioasa pe care multi ar vrea s-o descopere , dar care putini ajung sa stie de ea.O lume in care speranta niciodata nu moare si la care mereu poti merge mai departe.

O lume plina de impliniri si fericire si in primul rand de iubire.O lume in care visele se transforma in realitate si realitatea in vise , si de asemenea in tristete si depresie.O lume in care toti vor sa intre si din care nu vor sa iasa niciodata...

marți, 21 iulie 2009

The girl who became a star

The universe is wide and bright and the stars look proud of their beauty.I almost feel their warmth but as I try to get closer the light they have its getting bigger and stronger.I see an immensity of light and I see it everywhere.As I go further I see a face...a face I seen once before smiling at me and wispering something in my ear: ''Get up sleepy had! It's time to get up!''
I open my eyes and see a room with dark walls.Oh no! It was a dream, a beatifull dream.I get up and look thru the window and I see nothing,just a pair of old buildings.I get said.Thats not what I was hopping to see.
''Mya! Come down to eat!'' , my aunt's voice that calls me.
I'm still sad about beeing grown up by my aunt.I never seen my mother.I wish I would have seen her just a little and tell her how much I love her.But nobody knows were she is .She dissapeared 10 years ago.I get downstairs, my aunt was waiting for me to eat and to take me to school.As we were going to school my mind was lost again into the dream of the space and at the sweet face that was smiling at me.It was a woman,but who is she.
The classes from school weren't keeping me attentive.I was still thinking of the figure from my dream.
''Miss Ann! Can I go to the bathroom?
Yes Mya! You may!''
I get out of the classroom,I get towords the bathroom but as I go,I feel dizzy and my nose starts to bleed verry much and I fall on the floor.
I see the stars again.It's so beautifull , I can feel them getting close to me.A strong light shows again and a figure comes towords me.It's a woman and she calls me by my name.It's my mom , I can feel her touch even if I haven't seen her before.Now I see her and I want to stay with her.But something happends and I get pushed back from the dream world to reality.
I see myself in hospital with my aunt next to my bed .My aunt tells me that she shouldn't say anything to me not to scare me ,but she tells me that I have cancer and that I have just one week to live,because it's verry advanced .And also that I had it for long time but nobody knew and that now its to late to do anything.But I'm not scared , I just want to be like the stars to shine bright on the sky and see the whole world from up there.I fall asleep and I see myself flying over the city.It's so beautifull.There are so many lights but as I rase up my eyes I see a strong light on the sky so I go towords it.I see the same figure I've seen before.It's mom calling me to go to her.
''Come Mya! It's time now for you to come with me.Your time is no longer here on this world,it's with me in the world of the stars.The world you always dreamed of.''
So I became a star like I always wanted and I have a bigger star always to guide me : My mum ...