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sâmbătă, 29 august 2009

Our Kind of Rain

Everybody keeps on talking
Saying how it never could’ve been
Then I lie and say I’m glad that you’re gone
I can shed my skin
Still the days are getting better
The cops’ been leaving me alone
Still sometimes I fell a million years old
Since you’ve gone home

They never had our kind of love
They never listened for a train
They never had our kind of sun, our moon, our stars
They never had our kind of rain

It’s getting lonely bumming quarters
With you it all became a ballet
Still it ain’t no fun stealing for one
At the Circle-K
And when I go down to the river
I hear your laugh in the calliope
What a world of wonder under the wharves
Just you and me

Our kind of rain don’t fall ‘round here
Our kind of rain don’t fall like tears
Our kind of rain don’t fall this side of yesterday
Or last year

And there ain’t nothing that’s surprising
You were too evil for the street
I used to think that you could jump off the moon
And land on your feet
And when you go down to Decatur
Have a sit down in the sun
Take a pull ‘cause spring is finally here

And you’re undone...

by Alex McMurray